Physical + Digital = Community

Getting the right mix and integration of the physical space and digital footprint is paramount to build and grow a community.

It is essential when looking to create a creative branding strategy and the bank of individual campaigns to achieve the objectives of building and growing community for physical spaces, that the integration with the digital experience is considered with the same level of focus from the very beginning of the project.

For the most part, we all spend time on our devices in public space, coming up with innovative ways of engaging with people in the physical space provides an enriched experience that is directly personal and therefore more rewarding for both business and the public. The benefits for retail are vast and plentiful, but it’s not just selling products or services that can benefit from a thoughtful approach to the physical and digital experience.

Collaboration between stakeholders within a development or community space can provide the platform for research and innovation that would otherwise go unknown and unseen. For example, imagine a medical research precinct that has a physical and digital community, by having common shared physical spaces for collaboration, and online dedicated platforms for sharing ideas and just simply connecting with the other humans in the space, creating community.

The possibility for collaboration is increased by the infrastructure of the precinct, and the possibility for innovation is also exponentially increased. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination and are unique to each development or precinct, but it is clear that having the mindset from the outset, of integrating the physical experience and the digital experience, will have a more rewarding and sustainable outcome for the development.

Digital is human.

We bring our clients closer to their audiences in authentic and meaningful ways. Audiences are people, real, live, actual human beings.